Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

Yummy Lamb Fleeces

here's Emily shearing a lamb

Emily — our wonderful shearer — was here and sheared a bunch of lambs. Wow! a new supply of black fiber and the lamb fleeces are so-o-o soft! The last time we had this many black fleeces in one place at one time, I had them blended with black alpaca that came from my friend Elyse in NY. Her        [….read more]


In the studio, I’m trying different colorways for the rovings that’ll go to Rhinebeck (NY Sheep & Wool Festival). There will be an indigo blue dyed on mixed natural colored Coopworth. I did a little sampling on my drum carder and it looks awesome. The mill will have to resist the temptation to blend this into a homogenous color because the beauty is in the        [….read more]

To Flush or Not to Flush

This has nothing to do with the john! It’s about breeding ewes. OK — this is one of those “big sigh moments” that most shepherds don’t even think about ever thinking about because it’s unthinkable! I’ve been giving serious thought to not breeding the ewes this season. I know, I know…it really is unthinkable. But when I think about spending more time on fiber work        [….read more]


We’re about to take the ram lambs out of the mixed lamb group. It’s just about now that they “come into themselves” — their hormones begin to kick in. We don’t want any little surprises arriving in the dead of winter so they’ll go to live with the big boys thus eliminating that possibility. Many a shepherd has waited a day or two too long.        [….read more]


the henmobile aka the taj mahen

Jim has been building a most wonderful mobile hen house. Last year, a mink and an ermine took turns killing our hens. By the time we found someone to take the flock, there were only 4 hens left of the original 15 and the rooster. We kept hoping we could chase the beasties off or catch them in        [….read more]