Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

Better than Mudpies

Recently, I was invited to a HyperTufa party. This stuff has fascinated me for quite some time so I was very excited about being able to spend the day learning the ins and outs of it. So earlier this week, I tagged along with my friend Nina to Ali and Dan’s absolutely lovely home. I would’ve been happy to just sit in their fabulous backyard,        [….read more]

Charging Our Batteries

Yesterday after we’d done chores and then moved all the ewes to a new pasture, we picked up our mail from the box on the street (forgot to do that on Saturday) and discovered that our beach/park passes had arrived. That was it… off we went to “The Point” for a couple of hours…a reminder of why we live here! We charged our batteries…a be-e-eautiful        [….read more]


In any “normal” shepherding year, we’re very done waiting by now. I mean, the waiting for lambs to arrive. There’s that anticipation — that butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of excitement — associated with lambing…until the flood of lambs begins. I kind of feel that way now as I wait for the flood of boxes filled with fiber to arrive from the mill. I know it’ll be wonderful        [….read more]

Celebrate X 3

Skye, our Border Collie, celebrated his birthday on July 1 — 13 years! Most people who meet him have no idea he has (major) hip problems…he hides it well. He looks pretty darn good for a “geriatric” (according to his vet) dog. We don’t use the “g” word around here — mostly because we’re all getting there and would prefer not to think about it!

       [….read more]

Moving Day

At this time of year, we do alot of moving…moving animals that is. The sheep groups are moved to fresh pasture about every few days and the laying hens have to move around, too, so they always have fresh greens and bugs to eat. Recently, between rain showers, we spent some quality time with our poultry friends. We used to let the hens peck around        [….read more]