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Reading Sheep

At the moment, it’s pretty quiet around here. Don’t misunderstand…there’s plenty to do but none of it seems terribly interesting…at least to us. We’ve been doing this sheep/farm stuff for so many years that we tend to do much of it on autopilot. I’ve been looking around for some things that might be new to you.

Like this…

The back end of the        [….read more]

Shearing 2010

Our shearing is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th — the first day of Spring!

When I made the date, I didn’t realize it was a “good karma” date. But what a nice day to celebrate our harvest. And if there are any fleecey sheep left in the pen when we call it a day, we’ll finish up on Sunday. Emily (our fabulous shearer) and        [….read more]

Thank you

The last month would’ve been much more difficult to get through had it not been for your kind and caring messages of support and condolence. We’re reminded daily of Sadie — it’s very quiet. She was our “greeter” and without her urging, Skye rarely ackowledges the arrival of guests or any strange noise. (Border Collies don’t bark much)

Thank you all.

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A Break

WeatherSow is naked. The cats are happy about that…they think she’s the best scratching post ever. I mean…just look at her snout, tail and ears!

It's amazing what 3 inches of rain and a couple of 45 degree days can do to two feet of snow! So now we begin again…

We had some really warm days not too long ago and it rained        [….read more]