Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

Home Again

We did the remaining CDT’s this morning and sent the girls packing. They — and we — are happy to have them out of the barn. The longer they stay in there, the more poop and straw there is to take out! Now the ewe flock is back together.

The last group of ewes on their way back to the winter paddock. Jim keeps        [….read more]

Our Harvest — Part 2

Taa-daa! All done! The weather was a bit nicer than last Saturday and with fewer sheep to shear, it was a shorter day. After we were done, there were 8 of us around the table. What a nice day!

Skirting this way is fun and fast.

Skirting is done. The fleece is rolled and wrapped in a sheet.

Here we are with        [….read more]

Fleeces on the Hoof

Today we gave all the sheep that were sheared their CDT vaccinations and let them go back into the paddock. There’s no reason for them to be in the barn making a bigger mess for us to clean up and they’re much happier when they’re outside. The weather is going to be wet on and off all week so we’ll keep the woolie sheep in        [….read more]

Our Harvest – Part 1

We had a wonderful shearing day with our fibery friends and neighbors who came to help us harvest our fleeces. One of our CSA members drove over 2 hours to be with us and a good time was had by all! Maybe the sheep feel a little differently about it but I do believe they’re happy to have the fleeces gone when they start to        [….read more]

Counting Down

We gathered all the ewes and moved them into the barn today — twice. The weather has been every kind of wet imaginable so we decided to get the ewes under cover in preparation for shearing on Saturday. Moving them from their winter digs into the big barn (some distance away) isn’t that much of a big deal but it does take some planning. We’ve        [….read more]