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The Sun! The Sun!

Celebrating its return with a couple of Springtime photos…

Almost ready to bloom

Bring on the bees!


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rams get a mention

We do a lot of talking about the girls…ewes…moms — especially as we get into lambing season. But not much is said about the boys. Let’s face it…there wouldn’t be any lambs without them. Well, there’s always artificial insemination but that’s not happening around here just now. So I thought it would be nice to give some time and space to the very important but        [….read more]

more hay…in April?

I think I must have miscalculated somewhere along the way because we’re still getting hay that I ordered last summer. It’s lovely stuff…certified organic and it smells so good, I might eat it. Jim thought it might make good tea. The sheep certainly approve and they’ve been staying in very nice condition on it.

preparing to off load hay

There’s another 100 bales        [….read more]

lambing begins

Lot's of action under EllenG…everyone is making a run for the milk bar!

Yesterday evening our oldest ewe, EllenG, had triplets and made it look easy. It never occurred to me that she was carrying three…she looked like a “normal” twinning ewe. But here they are…2 ewes and a ram…and all nice sizes right around 9.5 – 10.5 pounds. And very spunky, too!        [….read more]

shearing 2012

We sheared all the ewes on the 10th. Well, actually Emily sheared them and did a fabulous job as always. She makes it look so easy and is never grumpy even when there are challenging moments. It may have been over a week ago but memories of the big reveal are fresh, and Jim and I are still talking about how many people came by.        [….read more]