Maine Fiber Frolic 2017 Poster
MOFGA Common Ground Fair Poster

leaping into March

February was longer than usual by 1 day and it still managed to slip by me. I didn’t go on holiday or anything…just got caught up in family, farmy and fleecy things and then it was March.

We celebrated our younger son’s Birthday on Groundhog Day. Yes, he was born on the 2nd at home while we were still in NJ. As he made his        [….read more]

what’s been happening

Just before shearing last year, I gave up on this blog Farm Journal. Getting photos into posts was such a pain in the neck that posting just wasn’t fun at all. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who noticed because the good folks at WordPress have streamlined the process. I’m giving it another try…

The ewes get to eat indoors the day after        [….read more]

Maine Fiberarts Tour Weekend at Hatchtown Farm

!! Fiber !! Fiber !! Fiber !! Fiber !!


Check out the Hatchtown page at the Maine Fiberarts website.

Fri., Sat. & Sun. August 5, 6 & 7 10 am — 5 pm

  Hatchtown Farm is either No. 67 or No. 15 Now, if you have the large, glossy Tour Map that Maine Fiberarts printed up a couple of years        [….read more]

Shearing Day…Spring is on the way!

This morning it’s snowing just enough to brighten up the grey piles that pepper the landscape, but the other morning when I opened the door, I smelled Spring…a welcome change from the all familiar wood smoke of Winter! And last week, our cat was stalking a Robin that was flitting around in one of the apple trees. A Robin…? I know, it seems a little        [….read more]

new wheels

I was all excited about my new wheels and was going to post about them but it turned out that Jim was more excited about my excitement…so excited that he put the story of my new wheels on the home page of our website! Eesh!

What Jim didn’t cover in his story was my complete and utter surprise when the wheels were revealed on        [….read more]