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the between days

I love the days between Christmas and New Year! It could well be my favorite week of the year. I get a lot done and, if only for a short time, I feel somewhat organized. I might even have time to do something new and different…or something that’s been put off for lack of the good chunk of time it requires.

The pile of mail        [….read more]

always learning…

These are my Dark Days Challenge meals for weeks 3 & 4…

Week 3 — braised lamb with beans — was a dinner that promised to be quite tasty but I kind of rushed the beans a bit and grossly underestimated the amount of liquid the beans would need to cook properly. It wasn’t a total disaster because I discovered the need for more liquid        [….read more]

coming and going

If you’ve checked us out on Facebook recently, you may have already seen a photo or 2 of our new family member…Gemma. She’s a Goldendoodle pup who joined our family a week ago Friday. We’re having a whole lot of fun with her. She’s really quite laid back for a pup, smart as can be and CUTE! Here are some puppy love photos for you…

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It’s my favorite meal of the day… but only when someone else makes it! I don’t eat a good one nearly often enough because I’m too lazy to make it but the Canadian bacon that we’d be given was calling to me and I was inspired. This is what I cooked up…

A 3 egg omelette — pullet size eggs by Hatchtown hens — with        [….read more]

SOLE food

I don’t remember exactly how I heard about the Dark Days Challenge but when I did, I knew it was something I wanted to try. It’s the brainchild of Laura over at (not so) Urban Hennery. More about how you can follow along later…

I don’t think I’ve talked about our thoughts on food here but eating sustainably and (somewhat) organic and local and        [….read more]