Hatchtown Spindle Shop Re-Opens

The Hatchtown Woodshop Shop is back online. Don’t forget to let us know if you want the whorl of your spindle to have a notch.

To Notch, or Not To Notch? — there’s no charge for notches. Include a note with your order or send us an email: Notches@Hatchtown.com


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Hatchtown Spindle Shop closed for RE-stocking

I have just closed the web shop while I upload information about new spindles:

Kaaris, several UpSideDown Spinimals and a few Orfooks (threading hooks by another name)

I should be re-opening in a few hours — Monday, June 6 11:00 am

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Okay! Hatchtown Spindleshop is Open

…but there are not any spindles! I had a batch of Nøstepindes turned, oiled, buffed and ready.

There ARE spindle parts: shafts and whorls — but, as they say, “Some assembly required.” I’m bending brass hooks and a box of fresh adhesives has arrived.

Timing was perfect a week ago. Our Rhubarb bush was ripe and it was my birthday!

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Woodshop Shop Closed For Re-Stocking

I’ve just “closed” the online shop for “maintenance.” There’s lots to do: I’m finally going to remove all the “SOLD” items that have been showing on the Shop pages since the deepest,darkest winter AND upload a bunch of photos of new and yes, available to buy, spindles. Nøstepindes and Orfooks.

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Taking a Fresh Look at the Nøstepinde

drawing: Wrapping diagonally.

The past week has been nøstepinde intensive. I’ve been doing a lot of work on the website and had noted that the graphics on the “Nøsting …or…Zen and the Art of Ballwinding with a Nøstepinde” page were looking very old-fashioned. They dated back to the days of yore when computer download speeds were abysmally slow and the web designers primary goal was to make        [….read more]