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The Hens Aren't Talking

The chicken mystery remains a mystery…  The hens are acting as though nothing is out of the ordinary so I guess we’ll assume that’s the case.  Of course, you know what they say about assuming!

That's a teeny tiny egg next to a couple of regular eggs and a quarter!

That's a teeny tiny egg next to a couple of regular eggs and a quarter!

  They’re laying pretty regularly for an “over the hill” group (that’d be over a year old) except for this little gift that someone left for us…what the heck is that!!? 

It looks like Jim has managed to get the henmobile light sorted out so…all’s right with the world!  We’ve learned that powering a light bulb with a 12 volt battery is more complicated than it may seem.  Thank goodness Jim is a smart guy and he found an even smarter guy with a very special timer that runs on 12 volts to help him get it figured out.   Let there be light…and eggs!!  Did I mention that if the hens don’t have at least 16 hours of light daily, they’ll hit the off switch?  While we don’t like tricking the poor dears, we do need a fairly consistent source of eggs for ourselves and our customers so…

We’re continuing to see the two groups of turkeys almost on a daily basis.  The toms are very impressive — quite large!  And the mama turk with her group of turklings are very cute and fun to watch.  The little ones are flying over the fences now. We’re wondering where she hatchted them and how long it is before the little ones can roost in the trees.  She must have some great hiding spot to be outwitting the resident fox! 

peregrine wishing Jim would go away

peregrine wishing Jim would go away

And this, folks, is the new kid on the block — a peregrine falcon.  Jim spotted him sitting in the middle of our road the other day.  He flew up into a tree as Jim approached — nice of him to pose for a photo.  Mostly, they like to eat other birds — chickens? — but I think they prefer to hunt on the fly so maybe the hens aren’t very attractive.  Fingers crossed on that one!

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