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A week ago, we got about 10 inches of snow during the weekend.  Normally, we’d have been moaning and complaining but this storm was a wonderful gift for our sweet Golden, Sadie.  She was weaned in the snow and she made no bones about it being her favorite time of year.

Sadie, sibs & Mom

Sadie and her sibs with Mom, Maisie.

Sadie the snow pup

A happy happy snow puppy!

  Sadie passed away last Monday but not before she’d enjoyed a stroll down the lane to the pasture.  She stayed awhile…  Maybe she was remembering the first snow of this year when she was well and able to orbit around the yard, kicking up white clouds.

waiting for Sadie

Syke patiently waits for Sadie to come up from the pasture.

   We’re so fortunate to have had her in our lives for 10 years and to have so many wonderful memories of her.  We miss her terribly.

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