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What to Do

There’s been an outpouring of well wishes and words of understanding and concern arriving since my post about SAD.  Thank you everyone!  I had no idea I knew so many people who have been dealing with this problem for years!   Here are some of the ways we’ve been making the dark days more bearable.  Have something to add?   

Light therapy

Screw the electric bill for a couple of months…keep the lights on.

Listen to music that makes you smile.

Force some bulbs for the color & scent of Spring.  (I’m going to do this next year!)

Take the screens off the windows.

Try to get outdoors on sunny days & take a vitamin D supplement.

Listen to books on CD if you feel like you can’t focus on the printed page.

Stay away from the carbs.  (Who said that?!)

4 comments to What to Do

  • Nina

    You mean these wouldn’t be a good idea???

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

  • Pam

    No-o-o-o… silly goose! Those are good… just full of the essential vitamin Ch (aka chocolate) — it must be consumed regularly — maybe even daily or in “batches” the way cookies and candies are made…how convenient. But if you’re worried about too much Ch, you can dilute it with Ba. That’s vitamin Ba (aka Bacon). I recommend these Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies. Not only will you get your Ba but all the goodness of peanuts — and no white flour! Can this be bad? 🙂

  • caryl carr

    I really like the idea of chocolate therapy – hey, didn’t some researchers somewhere say that it causes the release of endorphins?? Always a good thing.

  • Pam

    With or without endorphins…chocolate is a good thing! Funny that until recently I didn’t get very excited about it. I think it’s become much easier to find really good chocolate. I gave some to Jim for Christmas that had chilis in it…he likes spicy things…and he thought that was pretty special.