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Camo Kitty

Hermes has taken a liking to the studio…no doubt because he knows this is the one place in the house that he’s not supposed to be.  I’m realizing that kitties are not very different than kids.  I have to be very careful about going in and out because he’s very good at slipping through my legs.  He’s now started yowling and trying to break the door down (scratching & throwing himself at the door) when he knows I’m in there and of course, I can’t get anything done when he’s making such a pest of himself so I give up and let him in.

Hermes blends right in with this roving!

Hermes blends right in with this roving!

Usually, he’s happy to curl up on the chair and sleep but when I’m going in and out and he knows I’ll kick him out when I’m leaving, he hides…and there are some very good places to hide in the studio! 

The other day, this is where I found him!  I walked past him twice before noticing his tail hanging out of the box and twitching…

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