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Market Day

On Friday mornings, the lawn and parking area beside an old farmhouse in Damariscotta comes to life and a tiny town of EZ-up tents and open ended vehicles pops up within a matter of minutes.  Soon following — folks from town and the surrounding area.  Before too long the place is hopping!  This is my favorite place to shop…the Damariscotta Farmers’ Market.  It’s exciting to connect with the farmers, growers & makers and get to know them.  The selection of veggies from several different farms here  is amazing and actually quite diverse.  I don’t usually need many veggies on Fridays because we belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm and our share arrives on Thursdays. But I love exploring the stalls for something a little different and this market has lots of other good stuff to take home…

hahns end cheese

Always my first stop...we're addicted to Debbie's cheese!


gorgeous mushrooms -- farmed and found


crusty breads

pemaquid oysters

fresh shellfish


colorful carrots


More cheese -- mostly goat milk -- lots of choices!


Flowers by the stem -- make your own bouquet!

fast food

Handmade potstickers, spring rolls, rangoon and dipping sauces aka farm market fast food...and often our Friday lunch.


Buckets of ready made bouquets -- quick color to take home -- and inspiration for the dyepot...

 and the view is a bonus!GSB farm view

If you look closely, you can see a tractor cutting hay in that back field.  Finally we’re having a good hay year!  These fields are part of Great Salt Bay Farm, home of the Damariscotta River Association and it’s in preservation so we can all enjoy it for a long time!

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