Good Eats

Welcome to our Farm Shop!

We offer pasture raised lamb and chicken as well as eggs from pastured hens. Our pigs are woodland raised and free range, too. None of our animals are routinely given antibiotics or growth hormones.

We provide them with an environment where they can express their natural behaviors so they live stress-free, healthy, happy lives. Visit our shop at the farm for these GOOD EATS.

Some items are available seasonally so it’s best to contact us before you set your heart on something. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll try to help you find it locally.

We believe that buying and eating locally produced food is best for farmers, the community and the economy. For that reason, we prefer not to ship our food long distances. If you can’t come visit us, we encourage you to find a farmer who offers GOOD EATS in your area.

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