bowl of eggs

Beautiful! Thank you girls!

Fresh, multi-colored eggs from our pastured hens are available year-round. Hens travel around our pastures in their mobile house, aka  the “Taj Mahen.”  When grass is plentiful they enjoy eating fresh greens and bugs, scratching and dust bathing. We provide supplementary natural grains and fresh water daily. $4.00/doz.

Taj Mahen and the girls

the Taj Mahen on pasture


UPDATE JANUARY 2014: The hens are holding up very well during this brutally cold weather. We’re supplementing them with leftover kitchen veggies and nice, green second cutting hay chaff. We were lucky to find a source of triticale straw for bedding and they’ve really been enjoying scratching up the grain from it. What lucky hens!

Because our flock is made up of many different breeds, every box of eggs will be different and exciting! Enjoy the gorgeous colors and unbeatable taste!  Call to reserve yours now and pick them up at the Farm.


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