ewes and lambs

Loving that Bristol grass!

Our lambs are grown on mother’s milk, Bristol grass and sunshine. We supplement with grains if pasture conditions warrant it.  Coopworth lamb is lightly flavored and very tender.

Individual lamb cuts, USDA inspected and vacuum packed, are currently available from the freezer in our farm shop. Sorry…none available at this time.

Whole and half lamb orders are available by reservation for delivery in the Fall.  Call or email to reserve your lamb and to discuss your cutting preferences.   We’re sold out of Fall lamb…sorry.

From time to time, we offer cuts from yearling lambs. Because they are older than 12 months, the inspection process requires a “Mutton” label.  We assure you that there is no difference in the flavor or texture of this meat. The cuts are just a bit larger. If you’re looking for more to love, this may be a good option for you. Please call or email to check availability.


We make our own sausage blends and they’re very tasty!  Our USDA inspected butcher blends our spice mixes with our mutton and puts them up in 1 pound packages.   $9.75/pound — available at the farm

Sweet Italian blend is a very traditional, simple mix primarily flavored with fennel seed. This makes a nice addition to your favorite meatball recipe or ragout.

Anatolian blend is packed with provocative spices. Enjoy it on its own or as a base for your favorite kafte. It’s flavorful but not spicy hot…you add the heat if you like! A perfect addition to soups and stews, too.

Aegean blend is lightly spiced and bright with just a hint of citrus. It makes a delicious gyro with fresh or grilled veggies and tzatiki…a delicious meal in just a few minutes!

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