Hatchtown pigs free range in our woodland and pasture where they can express their natural piggy behaviors. They enjoy running, rooting around, snacking on acorns & browse and of course, wallowing.

Along with a spacious pig hut for shelter, they have access to natural grain, vitamins & minerals and fresh water daily.

color photo: rooting pigs

pigs enjoy the great outdoors

Our pork is not the 99% fat free “other white meat”!  These heritage breeds produce delicious meat that is marbled and pink with just the right naturally occurring covering of fat.  You will find our Berkshire & Red Wattle pork to be succulent and full of flavor when you prepare it.

Individual pork cuts, USDA inspected and vacuum packed, are currently available from the freezer in our farm shop.

Whole and half pig orders are available by prior arrangement for delivery in the Fall. Call or email to reserve your pork and discuss your cutting preferences. Sorry…no half & whole pig orders available for Fall 2014.

Some retail cuts are available. Please contact us with your wish list.


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