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Hatchtown Spindle Shop Re-Opens


The Hatchtown Woodshop Shop is back online. Don’t forget to let us know if you want the whorl of your spindle to have a notch.

To Notch, or Not To Notch? — there’s no charge for notches. Include a note with your order or send us an email:



Hatchtown Spindle Shop closed for RE-stocking

color photo: UpSideDown SpinimalI have just closed the web shop while I upload information about new spindles:

color photo: Kaari whorl UP CLOSE
Kaaris, several UpSideDown Spinimals and a few Orfooks (threading hooks by another name)

color photo: Kaari high whorl handspindle

I should be re-opening in a few hours — Monday, June 6 11:00 am

Okay! Hatchtown Spindleshop is Open

…but there are not any spindles! I had a batch of Nøstepindes turned, oiled, buffed and ready.NOST0312_03

There ARE spindle parts: shafts and whorls — but, as they say, “Some assembly required.” I’m bending brass hooks and a box of fresh adhesives has arrived.

Shafts_KAAR_Tops_VERT_1200Timing was perfect a week ago. Our Rhubarb bush was ripe and it was my birthday!


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie a’la mode …and the mode was homemade vanilla ice cream!

Whorls1_Narrow_CROPT_1Keep a weather eye on the SHOP — there will be spindles in there sooner than later!




Woodshop Shop Closed For Re-Stocking

color photo: ewes enjoying the shade out in succulent pasture

I’ve just “closed” the online shop for “maintenance.” There’s lots to do: I’m finally going to remove all the “SOLD” items that have been showing on the Shop pages since the deepest,darkest winter AND upload a bunch of photos of new and yes, available to buy, spindles. Nøstepindes and Orfooks.

The ewes are finally out of the paddock and eating grass as God intended.
It’s nice to have them on their own and not depending on us to carry bales of hay out to them every morning.

color photo: macro closeup of Kaari whorls

This past winter I began using the “Beall Wood Buffing System.” It is a three-step process in which each spindle is buffed against three separate cloth wheels:

  • Tripol (a fine Red Rouge??) abrasive
  • White Diamond
  • Beeswax

The three wheel system mounts on the lathe. I am very much enjoying the new look and feel of all the Hatchtown tools.

color photo: Instagram pic of the Hatchtown booth at the Maine Fiber Frolic


Pam and I spent this past weekend “vending” at the annual Maine Fiber Frolic. It is always fun to visit with all our Maine “fiber friends” …many of whom we only see just once a year at the Frolic.
We wish word of the event would finally spread past the state’s borders. There’re usually a few savvy shoppers from the Boston area, but nobody from much further away than that.

Yesterday, during the usual Sunday stretches of inactivity at the Hatchtown booth, I took all the spindles out back of Windsor Fairground Building No. 2 and photographed them. If I really apply myself, by tomorrow sometime, I’d hope to have inventory on display up here on the website.

sigh…it’s still winter

But the sun has made an appearance! I won’t complain about the weather…vgXcWaowDUTkYcSX.jpg









…about getting slammed again and again…snow, wind, rain. Yes, rain and THUNDER! I’m just saying…not complaining, really!









This is winter in Maine after all, and we should be ready for all of it…even expect it, I suppose! I’ve noticed that it’s all everyone talks about these days. But recently, it seems like anger and frustration have turned to resignation.

Last week we were back in the white wonderland thanks to back-to-back snowstorms. Previously, we’d had a short time where we saw bare ground. Friday really was a winner, though! It snowed giant, floppy snowflakes for a while in the morning and then rained all day…sometimes just a misty fog-like wetness but other times it just poured.









Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but there was a chilly wind that kept everything that was wet and on a solid surface a sheet of ice. Definitely a stabilicers kind of day! Hopefully, today’s sun will make a dent in some of it and the barn doors will soon be sliding again!









It’s funny to see all the critters loving the sun. Gemma and I enjoyed it, too, while we did chores this morning. What a nice boost! It’s really been pretty grey for the past week and we’re all craving the beneficial rays!