“Where are the notches?”

drawing: showing open side of hook at 12:00 o'clock
It’s a common question. Well, many of our customers do not want their whorl notched. So, the whorl of the standard, off-the-shelf, Hatchtown high whorl handspindle is not notched. But, for spinners that prefer their whorls with notches, we are happy to accomplish this at no charge. When buying a spindle you will have to let us know that you want notches.

To notch, ….or not to notch alternatives to notching?

Important: Tell Us About YOUR Notches

If you want your whorl notched please send us an email — preferably to the address — as soon after you’ve completed the purchase checkout as possible.

Important: In order for us to match your notching needs with your spindle(s), please be sure to provide your name — the name under which your purchase was made — and a description of the spindle(s) you have purchased which are to be notched. Every tool in our online shop is identified with a four letter, four digit, serial number …e.g., “KAAR0845”, “HW120322.” Including the Serial No.(s) will be the most sure and specific reference possible.

“Notches — WHERE?”

drawing: shows 6:00 o'clock notch at the "back" of the whorl

A single notch at 6:00 o’clock meets the needs of most spindlers. That’s with the notch cut in the whorl directly opposite the open side of the hook which faces12:00 o’clock. Two notches: some handspindlers feel that two notches are twice as good as one. They either believe that

  • a double-notched whorl will be better balanced, or,
  • with a notch at either side, the yarn coming up from under the whorl is guaranteed a shorter trip until it settles in a notch.

If it’ll be two notches you want, we suggest placing the notches slightly behind the hook at 3:30 and 8:30.

“…or not to Notch”

Expert high-whorlers tell me that if, as you’re winding on, you lead the yarn up and down the cop — rather than just winding straight round and round, the yarn won’t slide around the whorl and no notch will be necessary.
color photo: (1) rubber band stretched from hook over the edge of the whorl to the shaft below the whorl
Pam has shown me two additional solutions — maybe not-so-expert — but nonetheless very effective. And, both have the major advantage that it is not necessary to besmirtch your spindles’ whorls.

color photo: yarn started on the hook goes over whorl's edge, around the shaft, and back up to the hook

  • Stretch a rubber band from the hook over the whorl’s edge and loop it around the shaft underneath,
  • Start spinning by picking up fiber on the spindle’s hook. Spin until you have at least 12″ or so of yarn. Wind on by leading the yarn directly from the backside of the hook over the whorl’s edge. Wrap the yarn a minimum of 2 or 3 times around the shaft below the whorl and then back up and through the hook.

If none of the above is satisfactory, please feel free to contact us.
Jim and/or Pam