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No Bugs!

I realized the other day why I was having so much fun outside…aside from the warm sunshine…NO BUGS!  When we’re in full swing with lambs coming along at any time day or night along with all the added chores and I’m also getting ready for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, I can’t spend alot of time playing around in the garden beds.  I usually end up getting to it after I get back from Maryland.  By that time, the black flies are in your face…literally!  They may not be biting yet but they’re awfully annoying — getting into your eyes, nose, ears…well, just about everywhere…even into your clothes!  At that point, you have a very tiny window of opportunity to get everything done before they really do start to bite.  One year a friend from NJ came to visit in May and ended up in the hospital…bad reaction to the little buggers.  So…there’s another good thing about not having lambs this year!

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