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Shearing 2010

Our shearing  is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th — the first day of Spring!  

When I made the date, I didn’t realize it was a “good karma” date.  But what a nice day to celebrate our harvest.  And if there are any fleecey sheep left in the pen when we call it a day, we’ll finish up on Sunday.  Emily (our fabulous shearer) and I will firm things up a little closer to the date.  As soon as I know real times, etc I’ll post them.  (Usually Emily arrives about 9:30AM)

We hope you’ll  come and get your hands into some wonderfully warm fleeces.  Really…if you’ve never had your hands in a freshly shorn fleece…you need to do it!  If you’ve never skirted a fleece, that’s OK… we’ll teach you.  If you’re an old pro, lucky us!  But if you just want to stand by and watch, that’s OK, too!   Please leave a comment, email or call us if you’d like to come by so we can plan for refreshments.  

Here are a couple of photos from last year —

waiting for the shearer

Who wants to be next?

pretty grey fleece

pretty grey fleece coming off -- thanks to ewe & Emily

6 comments to Shearing 2010

  • caryl carr

    If I lived on your side of the continent, I’d be there! I know it will be a fun day! (and Emily is clearly excellent, nt a single second cut in Bandita’s fleece!).

  • Cathy

    Oh Boy!!! Unless I’m out of town I will be there! I love shearing and skirting time…though I have only observed shearing twice in my life and helped out with skirting once, I love being part of it. No doubt you’ll keep us all posted as the date approaches and I would love to help out in any way I can. What a treat it will be to help skirt the lucious, clean, and soft fleece from your beautiful wooly creatures! Thanks for the ‘save the date’ notice.

  • Pam

    I wish you could come, too!

  • Pam

    Yay! I hope you’ll be in town so you can come. It’s going to be fun!

  • Mary Cady

    Roger and I will plan to be there on Saturday, the 20th. We are really excited!

  • Pam

    Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing you!