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Yummy Lamb Fleeces

here emily shears a black lamb

here's Emily shearing a lamb

Emily — our wonderful shearer — was here and sheared a bunch of lambs. Wow! a new supply of black fiber and the lamb fleeces are so-o-o soft! The last time we had this many black fleeces in one place at one time, I had them blended with black alpaca that came from my friend Elyse  in NY.  Her fiber is special. The yarn I had made is exquisite! Quite a bit has sold and one customer tells me that she’s going to give a photo of the cardigan she made from it.  I’m looking forward to seeing it and will post it, too.  Oh! And Emily shared her happy news with us — she’s pregnant! The baby is coming in January. Perfect timing…although I’m sure that our shearing schedule wasn’t a consideration! LOL!

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