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About the Blues

I forgot to mention a couple of very important things in my post about Rhinebeck!

Our breed organization, the American Coopworth Registry, was invited to participate in the Breeds Display Barn. Of course we jumped right on the opportunity to show Coopworths to the many folks who come to the festival! The displays are all part of a competition, too, and ours won a        [….read more]

Approaching Panic Mode

Our breed registry, ACR, has a co-operative retail booth at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and we’ve signed up to contribute product. I’ve been washing assorted fleece for our “Flicking Kits.”

drying natural colored locks

Each kit includes 6 ounces of clean locks of many natural colors, a little dog comb and instructions on how to flick and spin the locks. This        [….read more]