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Rain,rain Go Away!

OK…enough is enough! I like a good rainy day from time to time. It gives you a reason to pause and take a breath before you get back to crazy “normal” life. But this is really awful. I just want to crawl into bed with a cuppa tea and a good book. But NO…we have to be out in it, move wet sheep, move fence        [….read more]

Bye-bye Bamboo

Bamboo is taking over!

The bamboo stand is gone! The soil looked pretty good underneath with lots of fat earthworms and I added a good dose of composted manure (thank you, sheep & chickens) so the little kitchen herb garden is ready for plants. I think I can see the lemon balm smiling now that its getting some more sun. We enjoyed the        [….read more]

My Jungle

We feel like we're living in a jungle!

Three days ago I could see out this window while I stood at the kitchen sink — Yes! I said THREE! The bamboo has taken over what used to be the perfect little kitchen herb garden I had growing below the window…it was so convenient, with full sun and all the herbs I really use        [….read more]