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What About the Boys

teenage rams, HT Jenks & HT Reece

I haven’t spent any time talking about the rams. It’s not because we don’t pay any attention to them. They’re really very funny and sweet. At this time of year, Jim spends more time with them than I do because of the division of chores. I deal with the hens on a daily basis and he        [….read more]

Only Two Can Play This Game

I think they know something’s amiss. They’re looking at me like “Ah-hem…did you forget something?” I’m trying not to make eye contact. If you don’t make eye contact you can’t give anything away, right? I feel guilty. I mean, they only get one chance each year to “play” and I put the kibosh on that with the decision to skip lambing this year. The        [….read more]

Pretty Pennsylvania

Wish I could’ve spent more time in PA on this trip. Jim and I lived there 30+ years ago and used to camp & fish near where Erinn & Caroline live. Fond memories. Our son, Josh, kept me company on the drive and we had nice time…lot’s of talking and catching up on what’s happening. We saw some beautiful scenery…so different from coastal Maine. I’d        [….read more]