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…uniquely yours

I make all the tools, by myself, by hand, in my shop attached to the old barn here at Hatchtown Farm. My goal is to produce tools that are beautiful, unique, functional and, maybe most importantly, are agreeable in the hand.

color photo: closeup detail photo of Nøstepinde handles

A batch of Nøstepindes fresh from the woodshop — no two alike.

I’ll emphasize the uniqueness of each of the tools that leaves the woodshop. Each shaft, whorl and handle is individually hand-turned on the lathe without the use of any mechanical or computerized duplication machinery. In turning a dozen niddy noddy shafts, I will make each different than the one before it.

You may be assured you purchase something that will be uniquely yours.

color photo: detail/closeup of high whorl's whorl

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each-one-unique Nøstepinde handles

each-one-unique Nøstepinde handles

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