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High Whorl Handspindles

The Hatchtown high whorls are easily organized into two families based on their construction:

  • first family:
    • Kaari™,
    • Amelia™ &
    • UpSide Down Spinimal
  • second family
    • 12″ High Whorl &
    • 14″ High Whorl
…some spinners want the whorls
on their high whorl spindles to be notched.


Low Whorl Handspindles

Our low whorl collection also breaks down into two groups:

12″ Low Whorl & 14″ Low Whorl
….formerly known as the Production and the Fancy
Spinimal™ — the most minimal low whorl spindle

Of course, it cannot be that simple — the shaft of any of the low whorl spindles may be topped with any of the following:
drawing: four Low Whorl shaft top variations

♦ Slotted Centerdraft Hook™
♦ Standard — grove/knob
♦ Support — smooth tapered point
♦ Brass wire hook


No-Whorl Handspindles

2D drawing: Lady Ann elevation flat

  • The Lady Ann High Whorl™ — with Long and Longest variations
  • The Russiansstick spindles for supported spinning of the finest yarns




…At Hatchtown, that’ll be anything that’s not a spindle!color photo: Three fullsize Hatchtown nøstepindes

Niddy Noddies
WPI Gauges …


Accessories are items of equipment that are not usually essential, but which can be used with or added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful, or decorative.

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