Nøstepindes, Orfooks™, Niddy Noddies and such…

… tools that are not spindles …Some of the miscellaneous and various odds, ends and bits that prove beneficial when endeavoring to process fiber into yarn

The Nøstepinde

A “Scandinavian Ball-Winder” creates a center-pull ball of yarn the low-tech, old-fashioned way — no batteries required. Fiber artists of every persuasion appreciate this tool’s portability! Turned from a single wood, my gouge and chisel have creative minds of their own as the lathe spins at 2,000 RPM. The one question we’re asked more than any other: “How do you pronounce it?” Well, I’m not an expert, but I say it like “NØ- sta – pin – dah” and get by with the experts. It helps if you sort of try to speak like a caricature of a Swedish sea captain — think Danny Kaye if you’re old enough to remember him.

Nøstepindes -- Scandanavian Ballwinders

Nøstepindes — Scandanavian Ballwinders


* Length: 9″ +/- (23 cm)
* Diameter: 7/8″ +/- ( 2.25 cm )
* $26.00


…a short form ballwinder. Once we realized many people don’t use the handle.
* Length: 5″ +/- (12.7 cm)
* Diameter: 7/8″ +/- ( 2.25 cm )
* $20.00
color photo: fullsize and halfsize nosties

Make a yarnball

Our instructions regarding the proper method for wielding the Nøstepinde

to the best effect have been a popular link.


…maybe more properly known as “Orifice Hook”

I’ll never understand it. When they sat down to name the parts of the spinning wheel: “mother-of-all”, “footman”, “flyer”, “maidens” ….and then, “ORIFICE”?? …no poetry there! I needed a name less anatomical; … thinking additively: Orif + ook = “Orfook”!
color photo: Orfook handle - African Blackwood
drawing: an Orfook (a/k/a Orifice Hook)

— plain, solid/single wood

* Length: 6 – 8″+/- (hook included) (15 – 20 cm)
* $15.00

Niddy Noddies

1 1/2 Yd Niddy Noddy

* measure: 54″ ( 137 cm )nn54yarn
* $36.00

Sampler Niddy Noddy

* measure: 1/2 yard — 18″ ( 45.75 cm )
* $23.00sampdrwg


noasdrwg — the Sampler with a handle
* measure: 1/2 yard — 18″ ( 45.75 cm )
* $28.00

Turned WPI Gauge

The usual Turned WPI Gauge has both 1″ and 2″ measuring gaps.
The 2′ gap facilitates the accurate measuring of very thick, bulky yarn.


Special WPI Gauge with only a 1″ gap and a handle

Turned WPI Gauge

* Length: 4.75″+/- (12 cm)
* $22.00