drawing: four Low Whorl shaft top variationsWe welcome any and all feedback. Please let us know if something does not function properly …or even if it does not behave as you had expected it would.

100_1090The Big Cartel software powering our shop should maintain control ensuring that each tool is sold only once to a single shopper. As we understand it, an item will remain in a shopper’s cart for ten (10) minutes. During that time, while not labeled as “Sold,” it will not be possible for a second shopper to actually place the item in their Cart. As soon as the first shopper completes checkout the item will be labeled “Sold.”

We are not able to accept special orders at this time. We will be re-stocking the shop on an ongoing basis.

Important: Tell Us About YOUR Notches

If you want your whorl notched please send us an email — preferably to the address — as soon after you’ve completed the purchase checkout as possible.

Important: In order for us to match your notching needs with your spindle(s), please be sure to provide your name — the name under which your purchase was made — and a description of the spindle(s) you have purchased which are to be notched. Every tool in our online shop is identified with a four letter, four digit, serial number …e.g., “KAAR0845”, “HW120322.” Including the Serial No.(s) will be the most sure and specific reference possible.