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More of the Same

Just in case we might forget what it’s like to be without, we’ve been getting reminders…a few hours here and there without power over the last couple of days. Thankfully, the outages have been during daylight hours so at least its easier to be productive. Have spent some time catching up on sheep records and other paperwork. And the temps have been warm enough that there’s been some melting.

With the melting comes some very slick conditions. Even the YakTrax don’t help! Water covers the ice below and it’s really dangerous. The driveway on the side of the studio is just such a place. Today the truck slid down the driveway about 6 feet — by itself!!  Jim and I were in the house when the dogs ran to the door and started barking wildly. I looked up to see the truck coming to a stop! Jim thought I was kidding until he saw it had moved from where he’d parked it. Crazy bizarre and a little scary!

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