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Woodshop Shop Closed For Re-Stocking

color photo: ewes enjoying the shade out in succulent pasture

I’ve just “closed” the online shop for “maintenance.” There’s lots to do: I’m finally going to remove all the “SOLD” items that have been showing on the Shop pages since the deepest,darkest winter AND upload a bunch of photos of new and yes, available to buy, spindles. Nøstepindes and Orfooks.

The ewes are finally out of the paddock and eating grass as God intended.
It’s nice to have them on their own and not depending on us to carry bales of hay out to them every morning.

color photo: macro closeup of Kaari whorls

This past winter I began using the “Beall Wood Buffing System.” It is a three-step process in which each spindle is buffed against three separate cloth wheels:

  • Tripol (a fine Red Rouge??) abrasive
  • White Diamond
  • Beeswax

The three wheel system mounts on the lathe. I am very much enjoying the new look and feel of all the Hatchtown tools.

color photo: Instagram pic of the Hatchtown booth at the Maine Fiber Frolic


Pam and I spent this past weekend “vending” at the annual Maine Fiber Frolic. It is always fun to visit with all our Maine “fiber friends” …many of whom we only see just once a year at the Frolic.
We wish word of the event would finally spread past the state’s borders. There’re usually a few savvy shoppers from the Boston area, but nobody from much further away than that.

Yesterday, during the usual Sunday stretches of inactivity at the Hatchtown booth, I took all the spindles out back of Windsor Fairground Building No. 2 and photographed them. If I really apply myself, by tomorrow sometime, I’d hope to have inventory on display up here on the website.

Taking a Fresh Look at the Nøstepinde

drawing: finished ball of yarm with flat top and bottom

The past week has been nøstepinde intensive. I’ve been doing a lot of work on the website and had noted that the graphics on the “Nøsting …or…Zen and the Art of Ballwinding with a Nøstepinde” page were looking very old-fashioned. They dated back to the days of yore when computer download speeds were abysmally slow and the web designers primary goal was to make image files as absolutely small as possible.

I decided that NOW was the time to “kill two birds.” I am re-jiggering the nøstepinde instructions and will finally set them up as a PDF file which people will be able to download, print out, archive in Evernote or whatever.

In the recent months I’ve been doing a lot of research in YouTube on various hobbies I’ve been adopting. So, I was not surprised to find a number of good videos covering the use of the nøstepinde. In the past, when folks asked me how they could learn to use a nøsty I would send them to our “Nøsting” webpage. These days, I have to admit, my first recommendation would be that they check out YouTube. It’s much easier to first learn to do something while listening and watching than by reading. I found Ann Kingstone’s “Nostepinne” especially helpful and complete.

drawing: wrapping parallel diagonals

wrapping parallel diagonals

But, it was “Using a Kromski Nostepinne” by Tim Horchler of The Woolery/New Voyager Video that really piqued my curiousity!

drawing: wrapping figure 8 "crosses"

wrapping figure 8 “crosses”

Tim promotes a completely different winding pattern than I had ever run across. Rather than placing all his wraps as parallel diagonals, he crosses his diagonals, making a series of “figure 8’s.” Noting that Tim’s video has been viewed more than 13,000 times I am guessing that a bunch of nøstepinders out there are “figure-eighting”.

I’ve set up a “questionnaire” (see below) that, if you’re game, you will fill out and submit. If there are enough submissions I’ll collate the results and post a report here and on the Nosty Luv group that I’ve just discovered on Ravelry.

drawing: Wrapping diagonally.

If you still have remaining form-filling energy you might want to jump over to the “Tools” page and get put on the “Woodshop News” mailing list. You’ll receive emailed announcements as fresh inventory is listed in the shop.