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Thank you

The last month would’ve been much more difficult to get through had it not been for your kind and caring messages of support and condolence.  We’re reminded daily of Sadie — it’s very quiet.  She was our “greeter” and without her urging, Skye rarely ackowledges the arrival of guests or any strange noise.  (Border Collies don’t bark much) 

Thank you all.

Sadie & her chicken baby

Sadie had many babies. "Chicken" was one of her favorites.

3 comments to Thank you

  • caryl carr

    Such a beautiful girl. I know you must miss her terribly. I sure miss my Sam Cat. We just love our pets too much…

  • Nina

    That’s a great picture of her. We miss her too!

  • Cathy

    Yeah…I’m finally managing a reply to one of your Farm Journal postings!
    What a Beautiful Girl!!! And I know first hand what a great big LOVE she was! I also think her little Chicken friend is adorable, though perhaps somewhat comically posed ;-). Yes, Sadie was a beautiful girl…inside and out!