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Climbing Out

Right around the time we changed the clocks, I slid into a deep dark pit.  I’m really not a drama queen…believe me when I say this was pretty scary.  The “winter blues” have danced around me in the past but that was nothing compared to this year. 

I come from a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps and carry on” kind of background and that strategy had always worked before.  But not this time.  It took hold…I tried to pull myself out of it but didn’t make much progress.  Daily, I did what needed doing…barely…and would collapse in an exhausted heap afterward.  So…why no posts?  The exhaustion wasn’t just physical.   I couldn’t put two thoughts together, couldn’t make decisions.  There was this mental image of my brain looking something like 3-day old oatmeal.  It was miserable and more than anything…frustrating.   

But here I am…still on the edge of the pit… but with one leg up and my fingertips on the boothstraps!  As I write, I’m “charging up”  with my new best friend, goLITE.  This has been a godsend and I thank my friend, Jane, who lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  She introduced me to blue light therapy at Rhinebeck.  My mistake was not buying one of these little wonders immediately.  If I had, I might have been able to avoid total collapse.  Anyway, daily “charging up” has really helped, the days are getting longer now and having some snow on the ground has made a huge difference.  Even on grey days, it’s brighter.  I took the screens off some of the windows in our house, too.  What a difference!

Nuff about me…much more interesting farm and fiber stuff coming.  We have a lot of catching up to do!

2 comments to Climbing Out

  • Nina

    Glad to hear you finally got the blue lights working! I may have to drop over and ogle :*)

  • Pam

    Yes, Nina, the light is wonderful! It’s hard to believe that something so small could make such a big difference! Come see anytime…