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It's a week long celebration of the pumpkin in many ways. There are the usual tastings and recipe contests, a block party that closes the Main Street with local restaurants bringing their grills to the street and loads of fun stuff…face painting for kids and music for all. Even a parade to show off the winner of the heaviest pumpkin. This year it was 1700 pounds! But probably what's most enjoyed by locals and visitors…and people do come from miles for this event…are the “art” pumpkins.

Back in May, seeds were given out to local folks who volunteered to grow big — seriously BIG — pumpkins. They end up on Main Street Damariscotta on Columbus Day weekend and local businesses sponsor artists who decorate/carve them. I made the trip up to town and got a few photos.

Pot of gold coins outside the bank


Bobbing in the deep blue sea





Ooooo pie!


Fascinating eyeballs!



Today there was a Regatta on the river.. Yes, crazy people contestants carve out giant pumpkins and try to paddle them around. (in October?) And I do believe there's a motor driven class as well. Maybe I'll make it there next year. It's got to be good!

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