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Two Dead Mice

Hera (our female kitten) caught a mouse in the house — ICK! but at least we know she’s a good hunter and will help keep the rodent population down around here. I hate to think that there are mice in the house but I seriously doubt that there’s any way to keep them out — especially at this time of year.

mousing is exhausting work for a little kittie

mousing is exhausting work for a little kittie

Last year we were catless and religiously set traps in the cellar (we’re convinced that they come through the holes in the stone foundation of this old house) and we were pretty successful with that program but a very odd thing happened. We started finding just little bits of mouse in the traps…something bigger and carnivorous was making a meal out of the mice we were trapping. Yikes! I stopped checking traps…not wanting to meet whatever it was that was eating the mice. It just gave me the creeps. OK, call me a weanie…but it’s just creepy! But getting back to TWO dead mice — Later in the day, Jim was fooling with my laptop when he noticed some slimey goo on his hand. He was sitting there looking at it with this totally grossed out look on his face like “yuck! where did that come from!?” I was cautioning him (strongly) not to go near my keyboard and moving quickly toward the kitchen for a towel. But where did the slime come from??? The mouse! Not the one Hera caught — the one on the mouse pad.  It has “padded” sides — supposed to keep your hand comfy I guess — but the padding is actually gel under the rubbery skin of the mouse and it had sprung a leak. Yuck! I wonder what that stuff is — silicone? Nasty! We washed up and ordered a new mouse…

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