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A Unique Country Fair

Do I look like I'm about to give up this gorgeous pile of locks?!

Do I look like I'm about to give up this gorgeous pile of locks?!

We look forward to the Common Ground Country Fair every year. It’s always held on the 3rd weekend in September, is organized by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association (MOFGA)  and is completely volunteer run. You won’t find a midway here but you will find all things Maine and, as the name implies, old fashioned organic fun. Downeast Magazine calls Common Ground Fair “Maine’s most authentic country fair, uniting, as it does, old-time folkways with progressive ideas about living the good life on a fragile planet.” I’ve volunteered in the Fleece Tent for many years and Jim has volunteered for everything from parking attendant to recycling crew (yuck!). It’s three days of great fun! I don’t have any fleeces left to sell in the tent or to put in the show this year. I’ve kept Gilda’s fleece. It won the Jane Hyland Memorial Award for the best natural colored handspinning fleece in the show & 2nd place Coopworth fleece at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last May. I’d really like to spin it myself but if I put it in the show at Common Ground, it has to be for sale. Can’t do it.

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  • Is there a rule that it has to be for sale for a reasonable price?

  • Pam

    Hi Anne — You’re right…everything in the show must be for sale. The seller sets the price. I can’t remember whether there’s anything written regarding “reasonable” price but that would be the case I think.