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It’s my favorite meal of the day… but only when someone else makes it!  I don’t eat a good one nearly often enough because I’m too lazy to make it but the  Canadian bacon that we’d be given was calling to me and I was inspired.  This is what I cooked up…

A 3 egg omelette — pullet size eggs by Hatchtown hens —  with sharp cheddar inside from Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, Maine.  On the side, homefries made with potatoes and onions from Bluebird Hill Farm, Jefferson, Maine (our CSA) and that Canadian bacon was a real treat.  It came from Three Little Pigs Family Farm in nearby Wiscasset.  I used a little saved bacon fat (from our pig) in the pan for the potatoes and eggs and a bit of salt and pepper.


a hearty breakfast fit for a shepherd

This was a very hearty meal that got us through a cold day of working sheep and fooling with fences…no lunch needed! Although it’s a little late in coming, it’s my 2nd meal of the Dark Days Challenge.

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