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My Jungle

We feel like we're living in the jungle!

We feel like we're living in a jungle!

Three days ago I could see out this window while I stood at the kitchen sink — Yes! I said THREE!  The bamboo has taken over what used to be the perfect little kitchen herb garden I had growing below the window…it was so convenient, with full sun and all the herbs I really use all the time.  ARGH!  Now there are a few chives that have fought valiantly to keep their spot and a few sprigs of the ever persistent lemon balm. Some would call the lemon balm a “weed” because it can be invasive but hey! it’s still there despite the bamboo…  I applaud the balm!

Today I do battle — sharpening the machete — I will brave the bugs because we have to turn the lights on in the kitchen during the day now!  OMG!  Is there anything else that grows like this?!  I wish I could find a use for this stuff…

3 comments to My Jungle

  • Hmm, can’t you make yarn from bamboo? Good luck with the machete!

  • Pam

    Yes, bamboo is made into spinning fiber these days. It’s very easy to grow but the process of making it isn’t easy and there’re some who think it’s not particularly “eco-friendly” either. Ours has gone to the burn pile which is probably not particularly eco-friendly either. Good news…I still have all my limbs!

  • caryl carr

    Yikes! That’s unbelievable – three days?? I knew that bamboo grew fast (and invades everywhere) but that’s an amazing sight. It has to go – I don’t envy you, it will be a chore (as if you didn’t have enough of those already).