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Serious Storm

Many thousands of people in Maine are still without power. We feel so sorry for them…its terribly cold…and we know all too well how miserable it is.  Snow continues in the form of showers off and on all day.  I don’t know how much snow we got in this last storm but does it matter?  More shovelling, more snowblowing, more tractoring.  One of our great old apple trees was pruned by the storm. Seeing these old trees losing limbs is sad. We don’t know what kind of apple it is but it’s a wonderful keeper. I use them for sauce that goes into the freezer and for pies.

We’re heartbroken that one of the ancient sugar maples in front of the house will most likely have to be taken down this year. It’s slowly been falling apart — a limb or two coming down with each major storm over the past few years. We’ve been trying to keep it going with strategic pruning but this winter’s storms have taken a toll on the venerable old tree.  It was planted here a very long time ago…house was built in 1829. I wonder how many buckets of sap it’s given up over the years.

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