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WooHoo Moo!

Back in January, I posted about our visit to the Ag Show.  One thing that we found there really excited us — MOO Milk.  The MOO stands for “Maine’s Own Organic.”  We waited and watched our market’s cooler and when it arrived, we snatched it right up.  We’ve been enjoying it for over a month now.  Honestly…we don’t drink massive amounts of milk.  Neither of us drinks milk in a glass…we use it in coffee and tea and Jim has some in his cereal sometimes (otherwise he has yogurt).  Still — we can have an opinion, right?  So…

Maine's MOOMilk

MOO Milk is a "regular" in our fridge now. YUM!

It’s a bit more expensive than the organic “store brand” we can buy but it’s competitive with the other local brands.  It’s easy to spend a little more because this milk is local AND really delicious.  The milk we were buying (which came in returnable glass bottles — which we like) was very tasty but there’s something about the MOO milk that’s different.  MOO isn’t ultra-pasteurized…could that be it?  I don’t know enough about that process.  Anybody out there…help?  But maybe it’s just simply what the cows are eating.  We know that makes a difference in all that we grow.

The other thing that motivates  us to buy MOO is that 90% of profits go to the farmers — Yea!!

For more on MOO Milk…

We hear that MOO Milk is doing well. Fingers crossed for their continued success and growth. We also hope that this will become a model for producers in other states.

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