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…whatever you want to call it, it’s been on our minds these days and in short supply.  Jim, the assistant shepherd in charge of pasture management<BG>, has been watching, worrying, reporting. Finally, with some rain, it seems to be turning around. Too bad that Fall is on the doorstep now and growth is slowing down. Time to switch gears to finding/buying/storing hay.  We’ve bought some from our very favorite hay maker — OMG! this man’s hay makes me wish I were a ruminant!  I just wish we could convince him to give up more of it.  But he’s feeding his own cows & beef critters so we forgive him.  Probably the rest of what we need will come from Canada.  We don’t like the idea of “importing” and would really prefer to buy locally but good hay is hard to make here on the coast.  Good soil is in short supply and there’s just too many foggy nights.  Decided to skip lambing this year…sigh. Feels good to have this decision behind us.  Jim is good with it, too.

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