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In the Beginning…

It occurs to me as I begin that I’ve actually been blogging for years. Here’s the picture…I’m with the sheep and I’m thinking (OK…sometimes actually talking) about all the things that I’d like to tell friends, family, people I haven’t even met yet. It’s so easy to blabber on through these thoughts when you’re with a bunch of sheep. They just look bemused by my ramblings. It also occurs to me that anyone who reads this may do the same thing. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a try because I’m one of those “try anything once” (almost) kind of people.  Jim (my LSH) has been blogging for years…really…ever since he first made our website…back in the mid-90’s. It was always so much fun to read! This is the guy who wrote to me almost everyday while we were at school. I envy his ability to put words on paper effortlessly.

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