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Lame Lark

We had gathered all the ewes in the shed yesterday to make necessary coat changes and check on who might need worming. When we opened the gate to let them out, there was a bit of a mad rush for the paddock. Lark had a problem on the ramp …her 2 front feet slipped off along with her left rear foot. Her right rear foot stayed put causing her to do a split. She pulled herself together and trotted off with the others so we didn’t think anymore about it.
This morning when we showed up for chores, she was visibly weak in her back end and having trouble getting around. We were keeping an eye on her as we did chores but by the time we were done putting hay out, we’d decided to pen her & give her a good going over. After checking her out, it seemed that she was actually favoring her right leg but her left was also weak. Couldn’t detect any warm spots or swelling. She’d surely pulled/sprained something when she did that split. We’re thinking that some R&R will be the best medicine for her so we’ve set up a cozy pen for her in the shed. At this point, she’s laying down and not really getting up on her own. We gave her a hefty dose of vitamins and some banamine to make her more comfortable. Her appetite is good and all her systems (pee, poop, cud) are working so that’s good. I think we’ve done what we can for her at this time. Keeping fingers crossed that she’ll mend if she gets some rest. Thankfully, she seems to be able to keep herself upright. This is always a concern with a sheep that are “down” because if they roll over and can’t right themselves, they can die. We’ll be checking on her regularly.

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