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Making Progress in the Car Department

here's Jim hacking away at Mt Hatchtown...again!

here's Jim hacking away at Mount Hatchtown...again!

Finally, we seem to be moving ahead with repairs to the car. It took a while for the insurance company to take a look at it because of yet another snow “event.” Living with one vehicle has been OK so far but the truck is so darn big in the parking lots in town. They’ve been shrinking because of the big piles of snow that occupy every nook and cranny. We’re not seeing any sign of warming and the current weather trend includes snow events on a pretty regular basis so…the piles grow. They’re growing around the farm, too, but Jim keeps chopping away at them in attempt to keep the lanes open enough to get the hay trailer in. We have a house guest for a couple of weeks.

our Grandog "Sitka" is a sweetie

our Grandog "Sitka" is a sweetie

Our grandog, Sitka, is here while older son and his girlfriend are in CA. Sitka is a most excellent guest except that he does like to play with (chase) the kitties sometimes. But he’s very well mannered around the hens and sheep. In true Aussie style, he does bark at the sheep, trying to get them to pay attention to him. 

In this photo he’s sitting in the truck waiting for Jim to go somewhere.

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