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Why Do We Do That?!

Happy Thanksgiving! There were six of us for dinner yesterday and we all ate way too much…predictable!  The turkey was really tasty — plenty of dark meat on this one and that made everybody happy.  Despite all the hoopla about brining, I resisted and just prepared it the “normal” way — well, the way I learned from my Mom. Yum!  We’re all taking it easy today…kickin back a bit.  Amy, our friend from CT, is here for a few days. Lark is getting up on her own most of the time and starting to be very interested in what’s happening beyond her pen. We’re letting her out in a small yard we’ve set up so she’s able to get some fresh air, sunshine and limited exercise.  She and Spot are getting on really well…I wonder whether they know they’re sisters.  Two beauties.  And Spot will tolerate me scratching behind her ears now…progress!

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