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Wicked Sick

This hasn’t been fun at all. I’m feeling a little better but I’m trying not to overdo it. Everyone keeps telling me it’ll come back if I don’t behave. But sheep need to be fed and chickens, too. At least I can swallow and my nose isn’t running continuously anymore. I’ve had to resort to drugs and NyQuil is my nightcap of choice. That stuff really knocks me out so at least I’m getting a little rest. But I think it’s heading for my chest…ugh! While I’ve had this “downtime” we’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We’ve been members of a veggie CSA for a bunch of years and have been so happy with it that it seemed like a great idea. Originally, we’d talked about doing a lamb & pork CSA. But now that we’re not going to have any lambs to market this year, I’m wondering whether this model might be applied to fiber instead. I know that ours wouldn’t be the first fiber CSA (and it probably wouldn’t be the last either) but I think that any producer who does this will put his own slant on it. I seriously doubt that anyone in the fiber community will have a problem with another fiber CSA cropping up. I mean…is there ever enough fiber or places to find it?! There are so many different fiber animals producing different types of fiber…more yummy fiber is a good thing! I’m excited about this…but what to do first?!

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