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not a good week

Sometimes amidst the beauty, wonder and entertainment factor of this farm, up pops frustration and misery…the kind that makes you put off the walk out to the barn in the morning for fear of what you’ll find. The kind that can make you dissolve into a weeping lump followed by primal rage. That’s the kind of week it’s been.

Bad Chicken – not afraid        [….read more]

She did it again…

I’ve been keeping an eye on the nest in the barn. Mama bird almost immediately set about laying a new clutch after her first batch of babies had fledged. She’s built her nest so close to the loft floorboards that I can’t see how many eggs there are. We were trying not to bother her too much while she was setting. But then…

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We all know I don’t post regularly so it’d be silly to say I hadn’t posted recently because our internet has been sketchy. But it is true that our cable was acting up last week and it got progressively worse until finally on Thursday, it pretty much died.

So while we were waiting for the tech & cable guys to show up, I got some        [….read more]