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Vinalhaven Memories

A week ago, I was just settling back into the real world after 4 glorious days away with 4 of my fiber buddies. We took a little fibery vacation to Vinalhaven, a beautiful island off the Maine coast and just over an hour’s ride on the ferry.

We were goofing around before we even got off the ferry! The weather was breezy and far cooler        [….read more]

Reading Sheep

At the moment, it’s pretty quiet around here. Don’t misunderstand…there’s plenty to do but none of it seems terribly interesting…at least to us. We’ve been doing this sheep/farm stuff for so many years that we tend to do much of it on autopilot. I’ve been looking around for some things that might be new to you.

Like this…

The back end of        [….read more]

My Jungle

We feel like we're living in a jungle!

Three days ago I could see out this window while I stood at the kitchen sink — Yes! I said THREE! The bamboo has taken over what used to be the perfect little kitchen herb garden I had growing below the window…it was so convenient, with full sun and all the herbs I really use        [….read more]

No Bugs!

I realized the other day why I was having so much fun outside…aside from the warm sunshine…NO BUGS! When we’re in full swing with lambs coming along at any time day or night along with all the added chores and I’m also getting ready for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, I can’t spend alot of time playing around in the garden beds. I usually end        [….read more]