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The Peeps Have Landed

Our barn is full of little peeps and I love the sound of them when I open the door. They are just the cutest little things when they’re this age.

Our day began with a call from our Post Office.

As you may have guessed from my writing about the chickens, I really do enjoy them no matter what their age but        [….read more]

A Farm Grows in Bristol

There’s been a population explosion here…so much so that I’ve been up to my ears in new little bodies for the last couple of weeks. We go through this every year but this year we’re getting everyone onboard a little earlier than usual…because we’re not busy cycling various groups of sheep/lambs around on the grass daily. The newbies are 4 Tamworth piglets, 50 Cornish chicks        [….read more]

First Egg!

Woohoo! The chicks that I started months ago have finally got down to business…an egg! Usually, once one hen starts to lay, the others follow right along. This isn’t the best time of year for hens to start laying because it’s cold and the daylight hours are short. They really need 14 hours of daylight to lay regularly. We’ve been soooo looking forward to having        [….read more]