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seeing red…

…and orange…and a little green. Oh! and even some purpley black. I’m talking about tomatoes!

CSA tomatoes waiting for tasting

They’re everywhere right now. The end of our very short growing season is closing in fast. Everything that remotely looks as though it will be etible is being watched and then snatched from the plant at just the right moment.

Our CSA farm —        [….read more]

If It’s Monday, It Must Be Snowing!

When I finished my last post, I made a mental note that there would be no more talk about the weather…no more weather reports or incessant whining. Well, that was two days ago and I can’t help myself! We have once again been dumped on — another Monday snow storm! — and this time it’s caused the cooking class I’d enrolled in to be cancelled.        [….read more]